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Recorded in January 2014 by Lee Dyess
Earthsound Recording, Valdosta, GA

Artwork by Blake Armstrong


released August 30, 2014

Chilled Monkey Brains is:

Zac - Vocal, Guitar
Steve - Guitar
Quinn - Bass
Roth - Trombone
Nick - Trombone
Biscuit - Drums, Percussion

Danny Bedrosian - Keyboards on Thrashterpiece Theatre, The Tale of Ramirez DePietro, and Go Home And Be A Family Man, Melodion on The Tale of Ramirez DePietro
Tim Blackmon - Trumpet on Illusions, Go Home And Be A Family Man, and APEocalypse


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Chilled Monkey Brains Tallahassee, Florida

Chilled Monkey Brains formed in 2009 in Tallahassee, FL. The band has gained a reputation for their electric live performances, touring the U.S. multiple times and routinely playing with acts such as Strung Out, Less than Jake, The Slackers, Mephiskapheles, Authority Zero, Mustard Plug, The Toasters, and Voodoo Glow Skulls. ... more

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Track Name: Enter the Wasteland
Two men enter, I will leave, my knuckles bruised and bleeding
You fight for comfort, I fight for me. I am a dying breed.
Survival is my only option, you would destroy this time and place.
You would leave a rotting carcass.

Now, you will be erased. You are stronger than I thought.
Though you try to hide your face I see all your flaws.
Your time is running out, no backing down.
I will rain down on you hell.

Taste my steel, lead in the air. Copper taste in the back of my throat.
Can't hold back now, you're slowing down. Steps back mean I will fall.
Sweat in my eyes, blood in my teeth. I have given everything.
This calm I feel is unsettling...

Now, you will be erased. You are stronger than I thought.
Though you try to hide your face I see all your flaws.
Your time is running out, no backing down.
I will rain down on you hell.

Enter the Wasteland!
Track Name: Thrashterpiece Theatre
Surveillance state, survey and sedate.
Keep us blind, keep us safe.
Our privacy? It is a fiction, you see.
This is a problem for me.
Because the ones who define these roles
sell their souls for a pocket of gold.
How can we be expected to trust
men who don't believe in us?
Apathetic, ignorant kids?
Fuck you! Bite your old tongues, cause we do give a shit.
We're gonna make things right this time.
Track Name: Note to Self
As the sun sets on another day in my life
I take into consideration all these things in moderation.
Good things, good times, outweigh the bad ones.
I never take for granted my situation,
because, life's too short to make excuses
for the things that I've wanted to but never could do.
So now I'm done with complainin' I'm done with the sighs.
After I contol myself it's time to simplify, and decide
that the laziness has died. I never could control myself
my vices run awry. I'm always fucking drinking, I'm always fucking high.
Before my time is over I want to live my life.

What has kept me on for so long?

As the night winds down raise your jars once again.
To everybody's inhibitions, gone with the wind.
And upon this cheer filled drunker resolve sits a shit eating grin.
Let's break down the walls and we'll say HA! to this present inability.
HA! to dependency, it's killing me.
It's not the easiest thing, but I never said that it was.
However, in my life, it's time to take control.

What has kept me on for so long?

It's time to simplify!
Track Name: Soldiers
We are but fighting soldiers. Marching forward, as our arms cross over.
Dividing and conquering our enemies we contol and convert all.
When rising up to see what, in night, had come to destroy me,
or force me to becomewhat I did not believe (or even care to know)
I was forced into submission
So I placed my head down to the earth and a tear fell
from my eyes into it's final resting place in the ground.
It taught me to despise every unfamiliar face and I've found,
as the years go by, the nights drag on, and the days are long.
My will is gone. I'm but a pawn, marching ever on.

And having fought so long I'd payed the debt I owed.
I never questioned right from wrong and did what I was told.
Now there is a choice in front of me, mine and mine alone.
Nothing is ever set in stone.
I'd make my own way or I'd die in trying.
Through the years, as the pages turn beyond your control
know that the things you hear are only ever just a piece of the whole.
But, don't take my word. I'm just a man, but I will stand to heed the call.
We will not fall, soldiers one and all.
Track Name: The Tale of Ramirez DePietro
As I stare into calloused and piercing eyes
I see myself, right through my own disguise
and I know that the day draws near.
I tell the crew “Boys, cast your fears aside
and lift the anchors, hoist the sails,
our enemy shall not prevail!
We fight for glory, honor, pride
(and he from whom we cannot hide)!”
As the ship passes into the shade of night
and we shake away the last signs of light
we feel our power grow inside.
I tell the crew “This night we fight to die,
so load the cannons, draw your swords,
we'll never bow to holy lords!”
The demon ship, and her evil crew
went into battle to their doom!

The captain watched her sink.
He couldn't save the hull.
The fate of his brave crew?
A pile of bones and skulls.

The ship will rise again!
This ship will rise up!
Track Name: Illusions
When I see your face, the sparkle in your eyes,
it comes to me as no surprise that tonight you've come to feast on me
You'll take what you want and leave the rest to bleed
On a sidewalk feeling broken, cold, alone,
my screams and moans of agony will not
transport me back home where I feel safe.
In the comfort of my room just hoping for a second that the nightmare i remember
didn't really just occur it was an

Illusion - - A fading fleeting memory, an obscene sight you know you can't unsee
Illusion - - The moment that you turn to catch a glance


My awry insanity, my mad malignant malady
has taken all control of me, has robbed me of my mind, of my free will.
And as I try to reconcile my beliefs with the
horrors put in front of me my only chance for relief is

Illusion - - lacking the ablility to decipher I succumb to the
Illusion - - My thoughts all gone, I'm dead.
Track Name: Anaconda's Delight
We are controlled, it seems.
Subconsciously brought to manipulations
as we refuse to trust but continue to depend on those who pretend
to cherish, gallantly, the needs of the people they claim to protect
while they profit off of our ignorance. It makes no sense!

I'm going backwards on acceptance assembly lines.
I don't want to party all night, and I don't want to buy products
when they're stamped with sex appeal and false identity.
By reassociating words like “freedom” their true meaning becomes obsolete.
But what the hell can we do when no one's left with integrity?
Even in a system never meant to make us indifferent
we know what is right, but can't stand together.
We know it's our fight, but can't find the courage to work together.

We know that it's our fight, but the product sold so well that it made us all forget
that we are the problem. We are the problem.

We are controlled, it seems.
Subconsciously brought to manipulation
from too many pressures.
It seems it's our nature to be unsatissfied.
To fight for a side, any side.
The products we buy won't make us whole inside.

The product sold so well, it made us all forget.
We are the problem!

We are controlled, it seems.
Subconsciously brought to manipulations
as we refuse to trust but continue to depend.
It makes no sense, none at all.
We reach for the sky and get burned by the sun.
Track Name: Snake
Landing in the night, a mission unknown but forced and moved along.
Stay out of sight, and if you trigger their alarm they'll find and
slay you down on site no questions asked no chance to make a case
if you don't run for cover they will send you to your grave.

Man or a machine? A question often asked. Answer unknown.
Stealth assault. A shrewd clandestine modern knight.
Fighting a war not his own.

As he fights against all odds chance of survival slim to none.
The battle is not lost but odds are stacked against, million to one-
On-one he conquers all who dare to stand between he and his goal.
The valiant serpent comes upon his greatest foe

Nuclear machine, a weapon often sought. Never disclosed.
States of matter, solid versus liquid man.
Water can't defeat a stone it will never prevail in this battle.
The Victor, the serpent returns to his home.
Back to his home.
Nothing to bring along.
No glory for Serpentine Saviors.
Water can't defeat a stone and as such it did...
Fail to resist his might.
Slain in this epic fight.
Solid or liquid? The victor? The stone!
The Snake! Awake! AWAKE!
Track Name: Mongoose
You think you got your run of the place?
I’m here to tell that you’re mistaken,
because the first chance I get I will snap your back
with just one bite!
Little Dahrzee told me from way up in the tree
that you were there behind me,
and I saw you strike from a mile away,
just like the way I killed Karait!

Don’t you forget that I was always there behind you!
Teeth clench tighter and tighter – come up and dance with death!

You snuck through the back,
hiding behind the bath jar
waiting to strike but I lunged and would not let go
until I got thrown by the blast of the gun.
I felt the hot hot heat and the red flash singe
and realized what situation I was put in.
The shotgun blast had cut Nag in two,
now there’s only one more left to pursue.

Because I was there behind you.
Now is not the time to sing,
help lay a trap with broken wing,
into the melon bed to crush,
future threats they pose to us!

Don’t you forget that I was always there behind you!
Teeth clench tighter and tighter – come up and dance with death!

Eye to eye, and head to head, this will end when one of us is dead! Turn for turn and twist for twist, hooded death has missed!
Track Name: APEocalypse
The intractable fervor of the apish lords,
as the slaughtered defenseless endless human hordes,
was a frightening and terrible sight to behold.
Not an ounce of remorse for the young or the old.
There was never the slightest chance
for the feeble race of man to slow their advance.
The APEocalyptic end of mankind!

“Show the human no mercy!
Burn their homes to the ground!
Take for ape-kind all you see,
they will fear the sound of our dropping bombs!”

The APEocalypse has begun...

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