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Debbie Gibson: People try to tell me every single day that my immaturity is what keeps getting in my way. I just want to live my life, I just want to have fun, just like Debbie Gibson did on VH1 – pick it up! Keep on trying to make me live under the gun, try to get me started up and get some motivation. Here’s a song for all you kids that don’t have any luck, trying to convince people that just don’t give a fuck. Well put down your skateboard and grab yourself a beer, here comes the anthem now everybody cheer. Break your knuckles, kick some ass, drink OE and smoke some grass, vandalize, terrorize, we won’t live a life full of lies! Keep on trying to make me live under the gun, try to get me started up and get some motivation. Here’s a song for all you kids that don’t have any luck, trying to convince people that just don’t give a fuck I just want to live my life! We won’t live a life full of lies! We won’t live a life full of lies!
Sayonara: I got a pencil and a pad, trying to get down all these words that I had, these words I had inside a head full of lead, these thoughts that turned into words – these words I accidentally said to you that night, do you remember when we got into that fight? You poured your beer on me and slapped me in the face, and told me to go to hell… but I was already there.Well here it is, it's just me. I never wanted to lead you to believe that Im something that I’m not. But its OK, some other day I promise that we’ll surely cross paths again but until then Sayonara my friend. The best things in life are free, wish I had known that before you went out with me, you took my money and you spent it on your clothes, to look like everyone else that you know when you come to our shows – well its probably not polite to ask you all these questions but it's really not a question, more of a suggestion, about these guys that you date… The ones me and my friends love to hate, don’t waste my time. Well I’m trying not to care about these other pairs of stinky underwear, I keep on finding in your closet, in your room. When I know they’re not mine but that’s just fine because I know me and you are through, I guess there's only one thing left for me to do, I'll burn down your house and assassinate your friends and if I could I would do it again.
VBJ 03:36
VBJ: Well here I am just trying to survive, but what’s the point when I know I’ll never make it out of here alive. Still the idea of giving up, I won’t let that cross my mind but it’s kind of hard when there is an expiration date on my current way of life. I know age takes it’s toll when you’re constantly one quart away from broke but can you really take it? Can you sit there and tell me that this isn’t worth it? Like you could just walk away and live your life out of contentment of a job you should’ve had years ago.Forget your contempt and the wrong things you used to never be able to (handle) Well I guess it’s OK for me to give in? What a great example that sets as an inspiration and a friend.What the hell, what the hell was I thinking?I never thought that my intentions were that guilty until now. I only wanted fulfillment of my endeavors, but my adventures - positively fundamental.What the hell, what the hell was I thinking? I guess it’s OK for me to give in.
Note To Self 03:54
Note To Self: As the sun sets on another day in my life I take into consideration all these things in moderation; good things at times outweigh the bad ones, I never take for granted my situation because life’s too short to make excuses for the things that I wanted to but never could do. So I’m done with complaining, I’m done with the sighs after I control myself it’s time to simplify – decide – let the laziness die. I never could control myself my vices run awry. I’m always fucking drinking, I’m always fucking high! Before my time is over, I’d like to live my life. What has kept me on this long? As the night winds down raise your mugs once again, to everybody's innovation going with the wind and then upon this cheer filled with drunken resolve and a shit eating grin, lets break down the walls. We’ll say – Ha! To the voice of inability, Ha! To dependency, it’s killing me. It’s not the easiest thing but then who said that it was – in my life it’s time to take control! After I control myself it’s time – time to simplify!
Butterflies 03:16
Butterflies: I see you called just to say you’re sorry, well don’t you know it’s much too late. There are some times around that I’ve seen, you better turn around and walk away. You need a girl around, to fuck it up this time. I’m sick and tired watching things just die. Used to have such a beautiful design. I’m tired – I’m tired – so tired – so tired. I’m tired of chasing butterflies! Sometimes I love just to be alone, I’m sick of staring with my eyes closed. But now I see right through you, and I recall all the bad shit you do. You’re full of it, you hypnotize. You’re full of it! And I’m sick of all this shit!


Original recording with Yamil Velez 2009


released January 1, 2009


all rights reserved



Chilled Monkey Brains

Ska-slinging Punkrock Lords of the fetid mires of Urborg, FL.

Ridin' the 7th Wave


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