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We're All In This Together

by Chilled Monkey Brains

Definitions 03:50
There’s only so much I can take. I sat by too long, it was my mistake, I knew that it was wrong. This apathy infected me, it made me forget who I wanted myself to be - someone who will never back down from doing what is right. This is our shining moment, in the dark when no one’s looking. If what we do defines us and we’re not worth our word what good are we? This lack of action proves what is off from every star spangled affirmation that’s come and gone. With every chance to prove we care dismissed as dissident dispair but we all know what’s really going on. They’re trying to write us off. We’re wrong because we’re fed up? How should we respond? With disobedience! We can’t deny that we’re all in this together. Each effort to divide us should strengthen us forever.
We’re forced to occupy the margins isolated and impoverished. Forced into thinking that we were here only to do just this. Without ever knowing why - we never questioned why, we just impulsively submit. Give the people what they want! An aberration to entertain - it helps maintain the hierarchy that’s constantly kicking us in the teeth. We were meant for so much more. We don’t need an army. We just need to think for ourselves. Halt overindulgence. Stop protecting things we think we need then needlessly dispose of. Why can’t we re-define ourselves? Evolve how we communicate and not concern ourselves with divisive labels that buy and sell this state of pointless blame, senseless shame. The fighting, the dying, the suffering crying while we’re pacified, lethargically vying to regain control, break from their hold, before we forsake our souls. Transgression met with action. We’re fighting for our lives. We are fighting - we’re still fighting!
We are controlled it seems, unconsciously prone to manipulation as we refuse to trust but continue to depend on those who pretend to cherish gallantly the needs of the people they claim to protect but they profit off of our ignorance. It makes no sense. I’m going backwards on this acceptance assembly line. I don’t want to party all night, I don’t want to buy your products when you stamp them with sex appeal and a false identity - re-associating words like freedom - it’s true meaning now obsolete. But what the hell can we do when there’s no one left with integrity and even in a system that wasn’t meant to make us indifferent, we know what is right but can’t stand together. We know it’s our fight, but can’t find the courage to work together. The product sold so well it made us all forget, we’re part of the problem. We are the problem We are controlled it seems unconsciously prone to manipulation from too many pressures. It seems it’s our nature to be unsatisfied, to fight for a side - any side. The products we buy won’t make us whole inside. The product sold so well it made us all forget - WE are the problem. It makes no sense, not at all. We reach for the sky and get burned by the sun.
F.A.M.F. 03:24
Sincerity - it seems so overtly accidental, just a grin and a nod - interpret how you will. Disparity - grows between this sinking feeling and my faltering trust in your paragon. Do you even mean what you say? Or is it just some convenient way to ease the pain or try to make the claim that you were doing what you’re not. I think I’ve had it up to here with your sob story falling on deaf ears, not that we’ve not endured that for years. Actions speak louder than words. Inaction even louder. Make your claim, not that we’d believe you so just Stake your claim, we see that’s what you’re here to do. I’m full, brimming over with your empty promises but still I believe you. Why should I care? I’m getting tired, so tired of this. Constantly let down, habitually lied to. You act one way in front of me and you tell me what you’ll do but there’s no evidence to support the theory that you’ll follow through.


Released March 2012. This E.P. was recorded at Goldentone Studios with Rob McGregor.

Track listing includes:
1. Definitions
2. Fighting (For Our Lives)
3. Anaconda's Delight
4. F.A.M.F.


released March 23, 2012


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Chilled Monkey Brains

Ska-slinging Punkrock Lords of the fetid mires of Urborg, FL.

Ridin' the 7th Wave


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